When you say the year 2020 out loud does it sound weird? How about writing it? After the holidays, I am always looking forward to the New Year with great anticipation!  


Because I have my 2020 goals under control.

2020 is going to be lots of change for me personally, due to my youngest son graduating high school and could possibly be going off to college. As many of you know, this comes with many emotions and the feeling of being out of control even though it is a positive change.

Some of my goals are simply to finally accomplish certain tasks but the really exciting goals push me outside my comfort zone, outside of my box. 

I can tell you my top goals feel really scary for many reasons. I’ve already had a moment of “What was I thinking!?”

For my physical goal, last week I asked myself, “What if I don’t hit the numbers I want in front of all those people?”, “What if I can’t get the training time and recovery time I need?”  Even as a coach I have those thoughts too in more areas of my life than I care to admit.  

What do you notice about those questions? They are negative using the words don’t and can’t.

How can you continue to work on progress when you have these thoughts?

  • Retrain your thoughts to a positive “What if”.  

“What if I am successful at setting boundaries with myself and going to bed on time?” 

“What will it feel like when I have put in the work and I’m on the other side, having reached my goal?” This is the feeling I love and I remember when I hit challenges in reaching my goal.

  • The other key item for reaching goals in your life: Get a coach.

The first step in finding a coach for myself was that I had to tell myself I DESERVED a coach, I DESERVED to be successful with ALL my goals.  Once I gave myself permission to be successful my world opened up, opportunities were created and I was more motivated than ever to reach my goals, physical and personal.

You deserve success in your 2020 goals!

If you need help setting Strength and Fitness 2020 goals, contact Tory at Progressive Performance, tory@progressiveperformance.com, (425) 686-4369.

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