In the world we live in now everyone is an expert and everyone you know has some diet that they think is the best diet ever and the answer to everyone’s diet and fat loss problems, its hard to determine what you should actually be doing. 

It could be Intermittent fasting, paleo, keto, HCG, or any of these fad diets that are out there right now. But they all tell you to cut things out, or give you restrictions. “Only eat once per day, only eat this list of specific foods, don’t eat carbs, only eat 500 calories a day.” 

All you hear is don’t do this and don’t do that, now I’m not saying that you don’t have to pay attention to your calories consumption, you do, that is the winning number, lower calories. But what if I told you that losing weight can be easier by adding things at first rather than subtracting them? 

Sounds pretty good right? 

OK here is the list.

Add these things to your diet and you will start to lose weight without thinking about calories or food restrictions. 

1) Protein

    The power of protein is pretty amazing! It has been shown that even if two diets have the same amount of calories the diet higher in protein resulted in more fat loss over time. This makes total sense because protein is an expensive nutrient, meaning that it takes a lot of calories to break it down and turn it into muscle, more calories than it takes to process fats or carbs. Protein is also pretty filling so having a higher protein diet will keep you fuller longer. When you add protein to your diet focus mostly on lean proteins like white fish, chicken breast, ground turkey and lean cuts of beef.   

2) Fiber

    Fiber is for digestive health and keeping you regular. Fiber is also great at keeping you full and slowing down your digestion. This slowing of digestion will keep insulin spikes under control so you can avoid that afternoon crash.  The fullness fiber provides will also keep you from overeating. 

3) Water

 Staying Hydrated is pretty important for effective workouts but it is also important for keeping your scale weight regular. I know the scale will fluctuate from time to time but keeping your water consistent will help keep that number from freaking you at as much as hydration is a big reason why scale weight is so variable. Staying hydrated will also help you process your food better and can actually increase you metabolic rate a little bit. 

4) Veggies

Veggies go hand in hand with the fiber recommendation. If you eat more veggies you will have more fiber in your diet. Veggies also help you get more of the micro-nutrients you need to stay healthy.  Veggies will also fill you up causing you to eat less calories overall.

5) Caffeine 

  Caffeine can get your body burning a little hotter and can give you a more effective workout. Caffeine increases your pain tolerance allowing you to push yourself a little harder in the gym thus helping you burn more calories during each workout. So drink that cup of Joe before you come into the gym, coaches orders. 

I hope these 5 things help you add more to your diet while subtracting from your waistline.  

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