Do you come into the gym and give it everything you’ve got, every time?

Is your goal to lose weight and change your body composition to lower your percentage of body fat?

Or do you have a goal of moving better so you can play with your kids or grandkids?

Or do you not know what the goal is but that you simply have to get moving again?

Have you joined a group that is supposed to help you toward your goal?  Are you participating?

Of course, I have to bring this back around to the gym.  Do you come into the gym and give your workout everything you’ve got?  

I was participating in our cardio express class on Tuesday morning which I wasn’t planning on but cardio is much more fun to instruct and participate in if there is more than 1 person in the class.

As I was rowing and could not get the watts to show my true power on the screen I thought to myself, “I guess I will just keep it here and ride this interval out.”  My legs were burning and I had 15 seconds left.  In the next 5 seconds I thought to myself, “Is this effort getting you what you want?”  The answer: NO! It wasn’t moving me toward the efficient fat burn I was after.  The interval was quickly over and my legs were thankful.  However, there was another opportunity for me to redeem myself with better effort on the sled.

So you’ve joined a gym to move toward a fitness goal.  Not losing any weight?  

  1. YOU GOTTA SHOW UP!  HAVE YOU GONE TO THE GYM??  if you want to see any results get your butt in the door.
  2. Have you ever gone to the gym and talked yourself into taking a lighter day?  You have to challenge your effort every workout.  The challenge might be to control the movement better than you did last week.  It can also be speeding up the tempo at which you move that weight, shortening rest times, or picking up the next size of dumbbell.  You have to ask yourself are you wanting to go lighter because you are genuinely ill or because you aren’t into it.  
  3. Are you getting bored with your workout?  Ask for something different from your coach, they can give you a different exercise or more weight or give you something to focus on so that they will allow you to progress the movement.
  4. With every set the work is getting harder.  Are you working hard to the end of the set or thinking, “That’s good enough for today”.

If you are not actually going to the gym, giving every set and rep, and not advocating for yourself and still wonder why you are making progress toward your goal, then asked yourself how much effort are you really putting into getting to the goal?

What you put into the effort determines the outcome.  No effort = No accomplishment.

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